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The project

In the heart of Ross
kitchen, family room and fireplace remodel

Concept to final

L'agence Malo Zacar, in collaboration with Clare Micheal, completely revamped the space, from floor to ceiling, with a new layout and atmosphere for this house located in the forest of Ross!

The specifications were to create a living room, a dining room and an open kitchen adjacent to the family room. The living room was to be the real living space, where the family would meet and gather.  The reception areas had to be truly differentiated from the private areas, with the creation of real day and night zones.

The use of noble materials such as oak parquet, natural brick stone and limestone allow the creation of a unique and refined atmosphere.

Floor plan.jpg

Client: Particular

Scope of work:  Realized projects - House remodel

Year 2007

Surface area 70 m2

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