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The project

The ultimate loft conversion design &planning
Total renovation of a house in Amsterdam
Attic lost space converted into livable space


The property is located near the historic Rembrandtpark in Amsterdam.

The 200m² of this brick-style house had not been renovated for 30 years. It was time to fit out this Amsterdam Westindische neighborhood house! For the owners and their two kids, we designed a space where light and noble materials work together to create a serene place to live.

Work in progress March 2024


Dormer attic addition

The client wanted to increase the attic space and improves the house energy efficiency. In terms of thermal insulation and energy savings, everything has been done to comply with the most demanding standards requirements.

We rethink and redesigned the volumes of the attic in order to make the most of the light. The new dormer window brings numerous benefits: the extra space, the extra light! This addition is a real increase of the home value!





Client: Particular

Scope of work:  Work in progress- House Addition

Year 2024

Surface area 200 m2

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