Specialized in high-quality, tailored residential design, our team

is a collaboration between an interior architect, and decorator.    

We are happy to assist you with professional advice and guidance for a total renovation as well as for a small-scale project.

We listen to your needs and look for a tailor-made solution, in every budget.

We offer clever comprehensive solutions that are functional.

We help you create and achieve something unique.

We manage each project from concept to completion, with a keen eye for detail and efficiency.


We work closely with contractors to provide a seamless design experience fitting your wishes and needs.

After the delivery of a project, we remain available for advice, technical support and service provision!

 Bringing a creative energy to interior projects

M. Malo Zacar - Interior architect

Malo grew up in the area of Lyon. She completed her Interior architecture degree at the University in Lyon.

After spending 15 years working in the architectural field in San Francisco, she relocated to Amsterdam.

With her artistic taste,  keen eye for detail, efficiency, and knowledge of interior architecture she helps you to implement your designs and ideas.

D.Dana Rolin - Interior decorator

Dana has a background in tapestry design, with several years of international (Poland, France, Netherlands) experience in her own studio.

Dana enjoys working with colour and light. She has a particular love for fabrics, pattern and texture.  Every interior is a mirror of her personality! Dana expertise on materials and finishes makes a valuable part of malo3d team.